Trustworthy Buyers Agent in Decatur, GA

When I talk to people who are making the decision to purchase a home, the most common question I get is "Why do I need a buyer's agent?" It seems instinctive, but many homebuyers are not aware of how important this is. Just as you wouldn’t draw up a contract by yourself (if you're not an attorney), you wouldn’t want to buy a house without a professional with expertise in their field.

My career in real estate has been in single and multi-family brokerage in the intown neighborhoods of Atlanta and Decatur for over 20 years. Since 2011, I have been working with homebuyers and builders in Decatur. As an 18-year resident of Decatur, I have witnessed the remarkable changes that have occurred in the city during that time and why Decatur is now recognized as one of the best small towns in America.

Following is a quick explanation about what I will do for you as your agent:

- As your BUYER'S AGENT, I work exclusively for you and NOT the seller, to find the best home within your criteria, for the best possible price and terms.

- As your BUYER’S AGENT, I will give you a tour of Decatur neighborhoods and point out distinct characteristics of each.

I will show you all existing homes available in your price range after we discuss your wants, needs and "must haves":

- Show you comparable sales of homes similar to what you want buy to ensure you are paying fair market value

- Prepare and present a Purchase Offer

- Negotiate on your behalf with the Seller

- Provide you with a list of competent mortgage lenders, attorneys and inspectors, working with them on your behalf

If you are interested in new construction and/or lots available for future construction, we will go into houses under construction or finished and I will point out the differences in construction and finishes between the builders.

- When you find the builder you want, I will advise you on a step by step plan to purchasing a pre-construction home. Depending on where you want to start in the process, you will be able to choose any or all fixtures, finishes and colors for your new home.

Ross and Amber C., who recently purchased a pre-construction home said, "Ted helped my wife and I purchase our home in Decatur, GA. We had a great experience working with Ted. He has a vast knowledge of the local area, and close relationships with the local builders, so he knows exactly which properties/lots are available, or likely to become available. We began our search with a broad scope of area (Decatur, Kirkwood, East Lake, etc.) and house type (new construction and older houses) and Ted helped us to narrow down our search and find a property that my wife and I are both very happy with. We also found Ted to be very responsive whenever we had questions, which was another positive in our view."

- One more thing. As your BUYER'S AGENT I will normally get paid by the seller or builder, costing you nothing.

Ted Blocker
Ted Blocker